Steinkis group: a talent for making stories and harvesting new territories

Steinkis group is an independant publishing company, created by Moïse Kissous in 2011.

Steinkis group consists of 4 labels, 4 editorial lines dedicated to comics, graphic novels, humor books and children books: Jungle!, Steinkis editions, Warum/Vraoum, and Splash!.

Jungle! is a publishing house created in 2003 by Moïse Kissous in association with Casterman publishing. Steinkis group purchased the totality of Jungle! in 2013 and is the only owner of the publishing house now.

Steinkis group stands up for quality, innovation and respect for the author’s work, and is constantly looking for partners and contributors that are sharing these values.

Steinkis group has developed many licensed books and coeditions, and will continue to look for the best means to keep the readers engrossed, with a large range of publications: from humorous and entertaining books to inventive and insightful graphic novels.
The publishing houses of Steinkis groupe are delivered by Interforum in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Quebec.



Jungle! Fun for everyone to read!

Jungle is dedicated to publishing mainstream series, illustrated books and texts linked to pop culture, licenses, TV and cinema. Jungle is for instance the French publisher of The Simpsons…

Jungle is specialized in mass market comic books based on well-known characters, novels, universes and has also developed licenses of its own, enjoying a fast commercial growth and increasing success.


Editions Steinkis

Editions Steinkis

Graphic novels that explore the multiple yet unique visions of the world, in a simple yet inspiring way.

Editions Steinkis is publishing graphic novels focused on relationships between people, civilizations and cultures. Our titles are questionning issues such as coexistence of communities and specific questions related to minorities (ethnic, religious or sexual).

Editions Steinkis tries to offer a vision of the world based on bridges, rather than walls - and believes in the good of understanding the differences rather than taking sides.




A wave of freshness is breaking on the children books!

Activity game books, albums and novels… Splash offers a wide range of children publications to read, play and learn.

Both entertaining and educational, Splash ! books invite the readers to dive in a colourful universe, along with the children’s favourite characters and heroes!


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